About Me

itsmweJust a little about me

Theoretically (and sometimes actually) a fabulous mummy, cook, love food, reader, housewife, writer, veggie grower, and love a tipple of wine.

I think I am a great mummy!

to three lovely children girly who is almost 7, boyo who is 4 and baby E who is 8 weeks old. The older two very free spirited, strong willed little people and keep me amazingly busy, sometimes I despair of them, usually not for long, and they have fabulous big smiles!

Housewife… it’s not my final destination just a stop off along the way, works well for us as a family and makes sure someone always here for the children (oooo how Enid Blyton..)

Cook… and have been for ever! Love to cook, bake and make just about everything…. Doesn’t always work out right, but more often than not it’s edible and even enjoyable. Like to make everything from scratch and may sometimes be accused of being one of those food/additive/nutrition obsessed mummy’s. Sometimes organic, sometimes not, sometimes vegetarian (usually in spring when baby lambs are skipping) but back carnivorous by mid summer every year!

Enthusiastic eater… pretty much a side effect of being a happy cook – I love food – I’m happy to eat the pretty ‘pattern on a plate’ type food but do adore the food that comes in a big pot to a big table surrounded by happy people with glasses of wine.

Reader.. like to read just about anything that comes my way, and very much open to trying any variety of literature

Writer… part way through a lovely book…..

veggie grower… and wearer of beautiful Cath Kidston cowboy wellies… grow lots of pots & buckets & baskets of anything I can squeeze in… & have JUST been given an allotment! WooHoo

Optimist.. big lover of happy things, preferably in bursts of about 30 minutes, then not too much concentration required… glass is always half full (usually of wine) and the sun always shines and without being manic… do think can be a little too Pollyanna unless I’m cross but then that doesn’t tend to last that long!

And drinker of wine…. well what can I say, in a non-alcohol addiction way, I do like a glass or two of wine, cranberry & vodka… margarita…

And last but not least…. married for the past almost 10 years to lovely husband Andy…. (nearly missed him off :0)