Oxfam Unwrapped

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to Christmas presents and huge lists of people who you *need* to buy for are written, on my list as ever is the huge number of teachers and teaching assistants involved in looking after my children at school, there is just loads of them! Teachers, teaching assistants, classroom helpers, students who come in every Thursday and Friday, its endless…. so who do you buy the presents for? Even if I bought a cheap present each such as boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine with the quantity of people to buy for the costs still escalate astronomically and I just cannot afford to do it, not with everything else! As for leaving people out and just buying the main person the present, that just seems mean…


So this year we’ve opted for joint presents… one for each child to take into school to give collectively to the staff involved in teaching in their class but we’re not buying chocolates… not because we don’t think they deserve them, more that by the time they’ve eaten their way through 30 boxes each…. it may just get a little blurrrrgh.

So we’ve nipped over to Oxfam Unwrapped and bought them the school supplies gift.  This gift basically provides a child with the supplies they need for school. The Oxfam Unwrapped website shows examples of the gift you’ve chosen actually in action and the huge difference such small gifts can make.

I don’t know how they’ll feel about not getting actual gifts for themselves… I guess I’ll find out if the children start to do *really really badly at school*, hopefully they’ll appreciate the gesture, I know I would, in fact I’ve asked for an Oxfam Unwrapped gift this year too.

So if you’ve not already bought a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher maybe its worth giving this option a thought, it really does make a huge difference and gifts are available from as little as £5.00.

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