Cosatto me-MO

BIG SQUEEEEEEEE – my new pram has arrived! And yes I am beyond excited, think five year old with new dolls pram, and yes I have pushed it around the living room… just to get a ‘feel’ for it and squeeeeee again!

This pram is everything I wanted it oozes features…

  • suitable from birth
  • lie flat bed
  • 3 position recline pushchair seat with adjustable calf support – suitable from 3 months
  • pushchair seat can be positioned front or rear facing
  • comes with cosy toes with kangaroo pouch to keep little hands warm
  • comes with changing bag, raincover and tyre pump
  • it’s light weight and so easy to push
  • it’s easy to fold/unfold
  • lovely design in a gorgeous liquorice black with zingy lime and white embroidery

The car seat is sold separately but just fits onto the chassis with ease so that baby can be transported easily from car to pram with no disturbance.
And like all Cosatto products it’s covered by a free 4 year guarantee.

And it *must* have been simple to put together as the lovely husband managed it so very quickly! …. So what’s not to like??!

And that is why “squuuueeeee” (yes again) I just cannot wait until I can pop my lovely new baby into it and be a Cosatto mummy!

My Birth To Jack

Cute-newborn-baby-picturesWell eventually after what seemed like the longest pregnancy in history Jack George was born on 23rd April 2015 just before 9am.

His birth wasn’t exactly how I would have liked it but you can never really truly plan a birth, you just kind of get what you get. I went into very speedy labour at around 3am with contractions every 10 minutes, by 4am they were every 4 minutes and as I was a previous c-section birth when I called the hospital they asked me to go straight in as I would be needing to be on a monitor for the duration of the labour. Shortly after that call the contractions jumped to every 2 minutes and so lovely husband made a speedy call to the grandparents asking them to come ASAP.

By the time I got to the hospital just before 5am I was in absolute agony, contraction just a minute apart… and only 2cm dilated with Jack’s head still not descended in the pelvis. So I knew I was in for a long and hard time. Fully dosed up on pethidine and the gas and air clamped firmly between my teeth it was just a matter of waiting.

It’s very difficult being continuously monitored during labour as it doesn’t allow a great deal of mobility and therefore labour is really slow, so pethidine was very much welcomed, the lovely floaty carefree feeling it gives was just heaven! I remember being tipped onto my side at one stage as there was some dipping of Jack’s heart rate and lying on your side allows more oxygen to the uterus and so his heart seemed to pick up.

By around 8:30 I started to have horrendous breakthrough pain from my scar in-between the contractions and Jack’s heart rate was dropping again. The obstetricians were called, he quickly examined me to break my waters so they could get Jack out quickly using episiotomy and forceps or ventouse, unfortunately I was still only 2cm dilated and with contractions less than every minute and agonising scar pain I so I was off immediately for an emergency cesarean section.

Emergency cesarean sections are really scary, despite being completely drugged up and care-free one minute the atmosphere changes and all of a sudden you’re being prepared for theatre by a team of people, catheter inserted, surgical stockings pulled on, covered in iodine, drips and needles going into arms and hands. Andy (the lovely husband) was taken away to be dressed in theatre scrubs and I was rushed into the delivery ward theatre.

I was quickly given a spinal block, everything was hurriedly put into place, Andy was allowed to come into the theatre and sit with me… all the time I was terrified, I kept thinking about girly and boyo at home and how I’d not said goodbye to them before I left the house as I hadn’t wanted them to see me in pain as they would have been frightened, I was terrified something would happen to me and I hadn’t told them I loved them… (ooo it’s making me have tears just writing that) I was scared that Jack wouldn’t be okay, it was just horrible.

The operation started really quickly and Jack was born in just a few minutes… but he didn’t cry straight away, he didn’t cry for what seemed like forever.. I kept on asking if he was okay and everyone was telling me he was fine just a little sleepy, I couldn’t see where they had taken him I just knew I couldn’t hear him and it was heart stopping. After a few minutes I heard him cry and they brought him over for me to look at, I loved him, his eyes were wide open and he was looking straight at me after a short cuddle they took Andy and the baby into the recovery area whilst the cesarean was completed and I was sewn back together. This bit takes around 45 minutes which seems like forever.

Eventually I went through to recovery where Jack was waiting for me, he was just wearing his little tiny nappy and so I go to spend a good hour skin to skin with him which is the most amazing precious time, the little nuzzling noises a newborn makes are just beyond compare, I breastfed him and generally spent a full hour just watching him.

Birth is an amazing experience, it doesn’t always go how you would like it to, it’s incredibly stressful and frightening as well as wonderful and as soon as that baby is placed in your arms all the awfulness is forgotten, it doesn’t matter all that matters is that gorgeous little new person looking back at you.

Jamie at Home

I’ve spent the last couple of days tucked up on the sofa recovering nicely from having Elliot and watching the entire series of Jamie at Home.  Now as you probably already know I am a HUGE Jamie Oliver fan and he makes several appearances a week at our table. I’ve been given the Jamie at Home DVD’s to review as part of a promotion with the Sun newspaper.


This is a truly lovely series to watch and I have to say it’s my favourite one so far. The recipes are homely and rustic including dishes such as lamb kofta kebabs, egg ribbons with bresaola served with a fennel and spring leaf salad and of course my personal favourite pies! Beautiful apple and blackberry and a fabulous steak and guinness….

This series has obviously left me drooling and hastily listing the alterations I need to make to the garden in order to cram in even more vegetables and fruit than last year, I obviously need to add one of those outdoorsy type ovens/kitchens which I so covet (and really cannot squeeze in… *ponders if BBQ will do the same job…*)

The series consists of 6 DVDs which you can get hold of from 5th – 11th February by collecting the vouchers from the Sun newspaper, the vouchers are instantly redeemable on the day of print in Tesco. The series starts in the Sun Buzz magazine on the 5th and continues for the remainder of the week in the Sun newspaper.

The DVDs cover – furred game, pastry, leeks, winter veg, eggs, lamb, asparagus, peas and beans, strawberries, summer brassicas, summer salad and rhubarb.

I have one complete set of DVDs to give away courtesy of The Sun Buzz magazine – to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment below. I will choose a winner at random on 12th February 2011. Offer open to UK residents only.

And with thanks to The Sun Buzz I’m off now to write lists and make plans on how to have my own little Jamie Oliver ‘good life’ at home.

*these DVDs were provided free by The Sun Buzz*

Using random number generator – Jaydubblah was selected as the winner of the DVDs :)

The First 5 Months

Jack is now 5 Months old, I already cannot believe just how fast that time has passed, obviously in a blur as is usual with newborns, days merge into evening and evenings merge into nights and before you know it…. it’s time to get up and do it all again.

I’ve had a few troubles (okay a catalogue of medical dramas….) but that all seems to be nicely settling down and the last couple of days have been peaceful and at last I’ve been able to relax and start to enjoy being mummy to a newbie all over again.

Already he’s quite alert and it’s so lovely just sitting holding him whilst he looks around and tries to focus his eyes on the things around him and the gorgeous little noises he makes when he snuggles up for cuddles on my chest are just beyond beautiful.

I feel incredibly lucky to have him, girly and boyo just adore him and have not shown any signs of being jealous at all, in fact they’ve been really enjoying helping out, especially with baths and well anything that involves water and the potential to make a mess.

So after a little bit of a rocky start I can honestly say he’s settling in nicely now and his little personality and I swear the trace of a cheeky smile are already showing through :)

Orchard Toys – Magic Cauldron Game

imagesWe’ve been reviewing the Magic Cauldron Game from Orchard Toys.  Following my post about girly and her maths troubles Orchard Toys suggested we play their educational maths game as a way of getting her interested in maths in a fun and relaxed way.

Initially girly did not want to play as it was maths…. but after watching a few games that I played with boyo, she decided to join in.  The game itself is very simple to play…

Each player has a cauldron board which needs filling with ingredients in order to win the game.  In order to win an ingredient for your cauldron you must find a sum card which totals the number written on the back of the ingredient card.  If you choose a correct sum, you win the ingredient card.  The player who fills up his cauldron the quickest is the winner.

The part my children just loved about this game is the magic way in which the sum cards can be rubbed to reveal the answer and I feel it was this aspect of the game which really captured their interest and made them want to play it.

The children have happily played this game both with me and alone as its easy for them to understand and follow the instructions. It has made her more confident in her own ability to do some simple maths sums and she has used the sum cards separately from the game, just so that she could work out the answers and of course rub the magic ghost to reveal the answers.

The Magic Cauldron Game is available from Orchard Toys priced £11.50

Lemon & Poppy Seed Scones


After reading a blog post by the very lovely Kitchen Witch about her taking her husband for tea at Mrs Bridges’s Pantry those lemon & poppy seed scones have been playing on my mind ever since. I’m only disappointed that it had never occurred to me to make them before… just think of all those un-made lemon scones which have passed me by…

I’m pleased to say this has now been rectified and I can confirm these scones are just delicious and should be made straight away and eaten with a leisurely cup of tea.. of course.

What you need:

  • 2 oz butter (unsalted)
  • 8oz self raising flour
  • 2oz caster sugar
  • zest of a lemon
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 2 tbs poppy seeds
  • small amount of milk to bind

What you do:

  • Preheat oven to 210C
  • Rub the butter into the flour using your fingers – until it has a breadcrumb texture
  • Add the caster sugar, lemon zest & juice and poppy seeds and stir through using a knife
  • Pour in the milk a little at a time and mix with a knife to form a stiff dough
  • Using floured hands, divide the dough into 8 on a floured surface using hand & knife, pat into a scone shape.
  • Place on a greased baking tray, brush the tops with milk
  • Bake for approx, 8 – 10 minutes until just browning

To Serve:

Break the scones in half, generously spread with lemon curd, dollop with clotted cream and eat with a cup of tea obviously.

Bored? Are you?

Half term here already… The past few weeks have passed in a blur of sleeplessness, chocolate, coffee and more chocolate and a few more cups of coffee… and now all of a sudden it’s half term.

I always have such high hopes for half term, usually plan nice things (well technically I think about planning them, I may even write them down in a nice list, in a nice notebook… then get sidetracked and fail to plan anything).  This half term has come upon me so quickly I’ve not even had time to theoretically plan and so obviously have decided that I intended to have a care free (read as riotous, feral and out of control) half term for the children.

Monday the children managed all day to amuse themselves, lego, lego, more lego, baking, the obligatory game of hide and seek and yes frequent interludes of Ben and Holly. However today is Tuesday and it’s a whole different story, they are bored, bored, bored.  I have threatened that if I hear the sulky utterance of  boredom one more time then a huge cargo of their clearly very boring toys will be making their way to the charity shop. This threat along with my ominous waving of black bin liners and my endless recounting of how when I was a child I really knew the meaning of bored. I’ve lulled them into a coma with tales of how we used to play with a tin of buttons, throw plastic bracelets into a washed out paint tin etc.

So now they are not bored they are fully occupied building a magical flying machine from empty boxes (why yes I have been doing a spot of online shopping).  This flying machine also doubles as a bear cave and is currently flying en-route to the North Pole via China and the children are dressed in make-shift saris with cowboy hats on. Which can only go to show that a bit of boredom is great for the imagination.

Jack My Little Prince


This is baby whimsical he’s now 5 months old and he’s often to be found working on his expression of happiness. What you miss from just looking at the picture is the gorgeous accompanying gurgle that goes with this funny little smile.

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