Pregnancy Diary!

When I was waiting to give birth to jack. I waited in lots of different ways…

Busily occupying myself with insane cleaning/nesting, yes polishing the kettle, wiping window frames and yes even washing dusters?!?!?

Impatiently occupying myself mainly by seething at inanimate objects, cursing and swearing doors which open too slowly, items of furniture suddenly entirely in my way, magazines for being too boring to fill the time it takes to drink a cup of tea…

Patiently and indeed beatifically, poised elegantly upon the sofa, stroking my enormous bump, imagining what the baby will look like, willing things to go well.  Yes okay this state quickly gives way to…

Irrational ranting “when oh when will this baby ever shift it’s bloody heavy head off my bladder and un-impale my heart from it’s feet”?  Shouting bad-temperdley at everyone who is in hearing distance and rambling obscenities like a muttering old drunk.

Sleeplessly due to utter discomfort and many, many trips to the bathroom whilst contemplating seriously that I am actually going to pee myself into a state of dehydration, I mean how, HOW can anyone need to pee upwards of 10 times a night??? HOW?

Painfully yes, today’s turn of events now see me with so much pelvic pressure it actually hurts to walk, to stand, to sit, to lie….

And so.. on the advice of the midwife I’ve taken my paracetamol and shall continue to wait for labour to start….could be a while…. it was 7 days and counting until DUE DATE

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