Start… stop….start….stop again

Warning – this blog post probably contains too much information…. (for those of you of a sensitive nature…)

The past few days have been more than just a little hard going! I’m so close now to my due date and appear to be in a state of very slow early stop/start labour.  I’ve had contractions everyday, some days for several hours, moving closer together… then stopping again and of course the contractions are mainly at night which is meaning extremely disturbed sleep patterns and general tiresomeness.

I’ve been avidly working through the list of ‘natural labour inducers’ as recommended by errr well just about anybody who comes across me…

Pineapples, orange juice, black coffee, sex, bouncing on a gym ball, rocking on hands and knees, eating curry, drinking raspberry leaf tea, sloshing about in clary sage baths and every other obscure method anyone has mentioned.  I have drawn the line at castor oil, I just cannot bring myself to do it!  As I thought… none of which have actually worked and I remain very much still very very pregnant. All of which are confirming my absolute belief that only time or surgery truly move that baby out!

So with surgery being my last option I’m settling for waiting and waiting and waiting some more, interspersed with the odd bout of scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

I saw my midwife today and she assures me I sound well and truly in early labour and that each contraction is doing its job, thinning the cervix… and that the presence of frequent loose bowel movements (TMI) is probably down to prostaglandin’s clearing out the necessary prior to labour… but as I said only time will tell.

And so there you have it, it’s all go, then completely stop, then go again, then stop.  I’m only grateful that I haven’t gone racing down to the delivery suite with my bags on each occasion only to come back with them still packed and the baby unborn… Although at this rate I’ll be so reluctant to go fearing more false alarms I may get my home birth after all!

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