Things I love

Inspired by the lovely Amy from and 1 more means 4…. and 1 more and the also very lovely Ellen from In a Bun Dance I’m doing a nice positive blog ooozing with things I just love!

So here it is… the things I just love…

  • the smell of rain on hot dusty pavements
  • getting into a bed made up with fresh sheets dried outside on a windy sunny day
  • uncontrollable belly chuckles especially the ones issued by boyo and girly
  • my lovely husband, who I probably don’t tell often enough!
  • going for walks on those freezing winter days with bright sunshine and blue skies
  • scones with jam and clotted cream
  • watching the sea come in on stormy days
  • flying kites
  • having the windows wide open and curtains billowing in the breeze
  • going on heads or tails days out where the toss of a coin decides what, when and where
  • my children when they are fast asleep tucked up in bed
  • Nigella’s tarragon chicken, with big fat chips and honey roast carrots
  • good coffee

Then if I’m feeling a tad materialistic….

  • Diptyque scented candles
  • Apple products
  • Pedlars
  • Selfridges food hall
  • Hunters wellies

So… what are your favourite things?

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